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Introduction to the Sport


 An introduction to the basics of the sport by members of the Australian Olympic squad. 

Skills corner


Water Polo is the most physically demanding team sport played in the Olympics. It also requires a range of personal technical skills, further details are provided in our ‘skills corner’.

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British Water Polo League



The British Water Polo League was launched in 2010 following the successful merger of the men's National League and the National Women's Water Polo League. It has gone from strength to strength since then and the 2019/20 season will again feature a full complement of 64 teams from England, Scotland and Wales - 40 men's and 24 women's.


Current Structures

BWPL structure of divisions for 2016-17 onwards

Playing membership will be limited to 40 Men’s teams and 24 Women’s teams. Phase 1 will comprise five 8-team divisions for Men and three 8-team divisions for Women.

Phase 2 will continue the existing Super 5 structure, with the bottom three teams from Div 1 and the top five teams from Div 2 forming Champ 1 etc. Teams in positions 6, 7 & 8 of Men Div 5 and Women Div 3 will not play in phase 2 but will continue to be members of the League during this time.

At the end of the season, these “bottom 3” teams will play in a qualification tournament (if needed) with new applicants. The results will determine positions 6, 7 & 8 in Men Div 5 and Women Div 3 for the following season.


Matlock and the British Water Polo League

The Matlock club has several connections with the British Water Polo League, the South Derbyshire team that was formed with the top players from Matlock and Ilkeston club’s with the aspiration of raising the standard of the sport in the County became the first team ever to compete in the UK’s premier competition.  Jim Evans the club’s Head Coach coached the side for their first two seasons in the League.

The League operate on a ‘shared venue’ basis enabling the League to utilise the best facilities and to focus their officials in top locations and thereby improve the whole standard of the sport. Since 2014 the Arc Centre has been one of the venues used by the League. This is particularly pleasing for the club as, during the construction of the ARC, members of the club made representations to Derbyshire Dales Council that the pool should have a ‘moveable bottom’ thereby enabling it to be used for the Country’s elite competitions.

This has resulted in increased use of the facility and of businesses in the town and surrounding area.

Nottingham Water Polo League

About the League


Matlock's History


Details of our history in the League will be available soon.

2019 Fixtures


Details of our Fixtures will be available soon.

Download the 2019 League Handbook

2019 handbook (docx)


Introduction to the Sport

Skills corner


Egg beater stroke

Eggbeater is a basic fundamental of the sport, his video gives an introduction and overview of the technique.

Mechanics of shooting

Analysis of how to shoot the ball.

Passing the ball under pressure.

Passing the ball is a basic skill this video shows how to pass when being closely marked.

Body position for shooting

Body positioning for quick shot.

Clever ‘dummy’ before a lob shot. (Japan v Canada)

International player shows how a really good ‘dummy’ turns the lob in to an effective shot.

Improve the power/speed of your shot

An interesting ‘technical’ video showing the dynamics of the shot and the impact of an effective “follow thru”, at the end of the shot, to significantly increase the speed of the shot.